Hidden Dangers of Mobile Phones

Lenght: 52' HD

Year of production: 2015

Country of production: Germany

Author: Nanje de Jong- Teuscher, Claus U. Eckert

Mobile Phones
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There are currently almost seven billion mobile phones, including smartphones, in use worldwide, some 700 million in Europe alone. And the number is growing all the time. And the cellphone has long since ceased to be just a gadget for making phone calls: modern smartphones are multi-functional devices, which some people rarely put down. And yet is the radiation emanating from these devices not perhaps far more dangerous than the manufacturers and distributors would have us believe? What does this radiation do to people? New studies from France have shown that there may be a link between intensive use of mobile telephony and cancer, that people who use their phones a lot may have a greater risk of developing malignant brain tumours. Scientists are divided on the health risks posed by cellphone radiation. Thousands of studies have come to very different conclusions. The critics point to health risks and warn of everything from slight impairments to leukaemia, brain tumours and genetic damage. They regard the technology as a ‘gigantic field experiment on an unsuspecting public’. On the other side are the network operators and other scientists who regard the risk as slight or totally non-existent. The documentary goes into this question, describes the current state of research, and presents the results of investigations conducted in Germany, France and Sweden.

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