New Releases

3x52' HD


A State of Constant Change

Time travel that shows how the state of California, its lifestyle and innovative power have turned the world upside down since the 1950s.


The History of Ukraine

Has "modern Ukraine been created entirely by Russia", as Putin claims? The documentary provides the historical background to the current invasion by Russian troops and traces Ukraine's path to independence.


The End of a Myth

Her films still stand out as important documents in the history of directing skills. Now German filmmaker and author Nina Gladitz has spent decades working to destroy this myth. By countless documents it can be revealed, that Leni Riefenstahl was in fact, not only an anti-Semitic Nazi follower - but was herself a perpetrator.



The images of the Third Reich, in the memory of generations they have been handed down in classic black and white. But hidden in film archives and private collections, completely different images have also been preserved - in colour.


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