The Bluefin Tuna - A Fish's Fight for Survival

Lenght: 53' HD

Year of production: 2012

Country of production: Germany

Author: Christopher Gerisch

The Bluefin Tuna
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The Bluefin tuna is one of the world’s most intelligent predatory fish. Yet this underwater hunter is itself among the hunted. It is a victim of the billion-dollar tuna fishing industry and is a perfect symbol of the ruthless overexploitation of our seas. Scientists point to evidence that shows stocks of Bluefin tuna have decreased by 80 per cent over the past few decades. Yet each year in May, off the coast of Sardinia, fishing boats launch into the sea to catch these highly prized creatures for Tokyo’s fish markets. 80 per cent of Mediterranean tuna are served up in sushi dishes in Japan. The Greenpeace activist Wakao Hanaoka has made it his goal to change this. At the wholesale market, he explains to the traders the fate of these majestic creatures and the threat they are under. Yet most Japanese don’t want to hear the truth behind this delicacy. A German has built up a huge fishing empire in Australia’s Port Lincoln over the past 40 years and is attempting the impossible: breeding tuna. Together with fishing experts and scientists from the University of Adelaide, he is on the edge of a breakthrough. In Spain, researchers are carrying out pioneering work in the field of tuna breeding. Using genetic analysis of the spawn, they are attempting to understand the secrets of the fish’s reproductive process. Scientists and fishing experts from the WWF fit the tuna on the Italian coast with small transmitters. The knowledge they gain will allow new measures to be taken to protect the species and help the setting up of sustainable fishing operations, so that the Bluefin tuna may be saved from extinction