Invasion of the Jellyfish

Lenght: 52' HD

Year of production: 2016

Country of production: Germany

Author: Britta Kunft, Nanje Teuscher

Invasion of the Jellyfish
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‘Threats from the Sea’, ‘Nets Against Deadly Jellyfish’, ‘Five Times More Jellyfish Now than Before’ – the headlines of the past months paint a worrying picture. Jellyfish, it’s being suggested, are dangerous monsters who’re spreading at lightning speed and who’ve become a veritable threat to mankind. But is this really the case? And if it is: what has caused this upsurge of these slimy animals? What’s the secret of the sea’s expert survivalists? The documentary 'Invasion of the Jellyfish’ sets out to find scientific answers and dives into the fascinating world of jellyfish. The documentary is a highly visual journey to various hotspots of jellyfish research. Renowned scientists such as Cornelia Jaspers and Josep-Maria Gili will take the viewers on their scientific expeditions to the Mediterranean, the North Sea and the Baltic. The public consider jellyfish as dangerous and disgusting, creatures that are spreading more and more through the seven seas. It is true that the global jellyfish population is growing and some jellyfish are among the most venomous animals on the planet. However, they are not the monsters the tabloids are currently painting them to be. Jellyfish don’t have a skeleton and are not capable of communicating. Even marine biologists are constantly surprised at the simplicity of the animals’ organism. Jellyfish don’t think; they’re not capable of planning their actions. Despite their simplicity, they are among evolution’s winners. They now inhabit almost all the seas in the world, being moved around the oceans in large swarms by the currents. Humans have contributed significantly to these animals’ success. Thanks to intensive fishing and over-fertilization of agricultural land we have modified the habitat of jellyfish in such a way that they now have perfect conditions. As a result we’re experiencing a jellyfish invasion. And then there are the reports about killer jellyfish allegedly attacking bathers. The documentary "Invasion of the Jellyfish" scientifically examines the rise of the jellyfish and questions the sensationalist headlines.