Where is Hitler? - A hot Trail during the Cold War

Lenght: 48' SD

Year of production: 2010

Country of production: Germany

Author: Michael Kloft

Where is Hitler
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Did Hitler, responsible for 60 million deaths, die in 1945 – or did he perhaps survive the Second World War after all? For more than ten years FBI agents, British intelligence and later German authorities were not sure what really happened in the bunker. Investigators and prosecutors have been trying to ascertain the circumstances surrounding Adolf Hitler’s death. They followed every rumour, every hint and every trace. Even the most unlikely and weird theories were checked meticulously. Did the Fuhrer escape with a submarine to Argentina, was he living in Washington D.C. or is there proof that he committed suicide? With previously undisclosed files and interrogation tapes, rare footage and photographs, this documentary reconstructs the secret hunt for Hitler.