Berlin - Metropolis of Crime

Lenght: 2 x 45'

Year of production: 2018

Country of production: Germany

Author: Nathalie Boegel

Metropolis of Crime - Episode 1
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Metropolis of Crime - Episode 2
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The First World War is over, the monarchy has become a republic and the whole of Berlin is trying to get back on its feet despite uprisings, famine and inflation. During the early days of the Weimar Republic, two mass murderers shake up the capital.

The two-part documentary tells the story of the real “Babylon Berlin” during the time of the Weimar Republic on the basis of criminal cases in the context of political and social developments.
In the 1920s, Berlin was regarded as the most modern metropolis in Europe. In times of economic crises and hyperinflation, people hardly knew limits and enjoyed living on the edge. At that time Berlin was a metropolis of crime. 

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