Death in the Bunker - The True Story of Hitler's Downfall

Lenght: 78'

Year of production: 2005

Country of production: Germany

Author: Michael Kloft

Death in the Bunker
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Adolf Hitler’s final ten days in his bunker ensconced deep below the Berlin Chancellery of the Reich have been described in numerous books and memoirs. 
The documentary by Michael Kloft reconstructs the dramatic events of 1945.
Was Hitler a physical and mental wreck at this point, waiting for the arrival of troops that no longer existed, or was this the coolly planned and executed final act of a failed fanatic? Did Hitler shoot himself as called for by Prussian soldiers’ honour, or was he given the coup de grâce by his loyal servant after biting on a poison capsule? Did Magda Goebbels put her six children to death herself, or did a physician perform this terrible act on her behalf?

Michael Kloft interviewed the last remaining contemporaries of the day, including former Wehrmacht adjutant Bernd Freytag von Loringhoven and former Hitler Youth member Armin D. Lehmann, and he assessed and evaluated numerous interviews with eye witnesses since deceased. He reviewed the available documentation and consulted experts.