Lenght: 3x52' HD

Year of production: 2023

Country of production: Germany

Author: Lukas Hoffmann, Thomas Rigler

California Ep 1
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California Ep 2
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California Ep 3
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Time travel that shows how the state of California, its lifestyle and innovative power have turned the world upside down since the 1950s.

Part 1: Test lab for the world

In the 1950s, California was to make the impossible possible: A trip to the moon. Hollywood, Free Speech and the Hippie movement inspired the entire world. Until the mid-60s, when the California dream was shaken by race riots, the Vietnam War and the Apollo 1 disaster.In  the 1950s, California started to make the world a better place. But not just the space race took its toll. The pioneer state soon faced a major crisis. Preparing humanity‚Äôs greatest mission, several setbacks robbed the golden state its wings.

Part 2:  Of revolts and revolutions

In 1969 an oil spoil keeps the state on its toes. The ongoing race riots show that not everyone shares in the Californian dream. But the birth of Silicon Valley and the digital revolution bring the pioneer state back on track in the 1970s. Shaken by an oil spoil and the ongoing race riots, the birth of Silicon Valley resurrects the revolutionary spirit of California in the 1970s. In the midst of social unrest, California is creating a place that will change the world forever.

Part 3: Between utopia and reality

In the 90s, earthquakes and forest fires again set back the visionary state. Fighting these threats with the help of a former action hero, California prepares humanities next mission: After proving that landing on Mars is possible, the state wants to colonize the red planet in the near future. In the 90s, disasters from Hollywood blockbuster became cruel reality. Threats that spur California to revolutionize the world even further. Beyond all limits. While its future is at stake, California is thinking of a new utopia: A life on planet Mars.