The Spirit of Liberation

Lenght: 52'

Year of production: 2017

Country of production: Germany

Author: Konstantin von zur Mühlen

The Spirit of Liberation
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„THE SPIRIT OF LIBERATION" tells the remarkable story of the Allied fightings from the beaches of Normandy in 1944 to the heart of Hitler's Reich and ultimate victory in 1945. It is the most authentic documentary about the fall of Hitlers Germany to date. Closely documented by the best cameramen of their time, the brilliant HD-color footage has been stabilized, cleaned, uniquely edited and combined exclusively with impressive contemporary statements of newsreels, documentaries and interviews. The authentic material shows the spirit and endurance of the Allied forces during their final push through Europe and the defining drama of World War II. The Allied campaign starts with preparations in England, the collective operations on D-Day, which mark one of the greatest military offensives ever. It would take nearly a year before the defeat of Nazi Germany was complete and Hitler's Third Reich lay in Ruins. Documented are all major steps on the road to Berlin: Allied bombardments of Nazi targets, the landings in Normandy and in the South of France, the Liberation of Paris, the Battle in Arnhem, bitter winter fighting in the Battle of the Bulge, the operations of the US air force, the final crossing of the Rhine at Remagen and the advance into Germany, the ruined remnants of Hitler's private retreat Berghof in the Bavarian Alps and the discovery and rescue of Nazi plunder artworks by American G.I.s, as well as an exhibition of secret German Wunderwaffen like the V-2 rocket and Messerschmidt Me 262. The victims of the Holocaust, the liberation of the first concentration camp Dachau, the fate of millions of displaced persons in Germany and the capture of the German Reich cities Cologne, Nuremberg, Munich, Innsbruck, Potsdam and its capital Berlin are shown. These are the events that changed the course of European history forever.