Hollywoods Fun Factory

Lenght: 52' and 90'

Year of production: 2015

Country of production: Germany

Author: Andreas Baum

Hollywoods Fun Factory
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For many the American movie producer and director Hal Roach is the “King of Comedy”. His legendary studios are also called the “The Lot of Fun”: Hollywood’s “Fun Factory”! The film pioneer produced from 1914 up to the early sixties about 2.000 movies - almost exclusively comedies! Probably no other filmmaker gave the world more to laugh about than he did: with his comedy stars like Laurel & Hardy, Harold Lloyd or "Our Gang". Besides the incredible live and work of Hal Roach the international documentary is focused on his stars and competitors like Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton. The film is presenting a lot of funny movie clips and interviews, a look behind the scenes, amazing facts about the comedy stars and their private lives and amongst others never before published private footage, previously unreleased movie clips and photographs. The documentary features as well a lot of amusing and interesting interviews with Hal Roach himself and family members, Roach´s stars like Harold Lloyd or Jean Darling from “Our Gang”, Stan Laurel´s daughter, Harold Lloyd´s granddaughter, film historians, comedy experts and comedians like Walter Matthau. Director Andreas Baum, who also produced the documentary “Laurel and Hardy: Their Lives and Magic”, tells the amazing story of the live and career of the legendary comedy pioneer Hal Roach, of the roots of comedy and of the big slapstick stars.