The Svans - Between Tradition and Modern World

Lenght: 43' HD

Year of production: 2011

Country of production: Germany

Author: Andreas Lünser

The Svans
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The Svans’ way of life is simple and suggestive an illusion of an idyllic world. But behind the romantic backdrop a fundamental change take place at the beginning of the new millenium.  The history of the Georgian mountain people shows, the Svans hold on their tradition and try to preserve their identity even though emigration and global opening is getting stronger. The Georgian mountains are difficult to access and time seems to stand still. The people live a mediaeval life in a breathtaking landscape. Until now the Svans farm their scant land without engines; archaic rites are an important element of their everyday life. The homeland of the Svans, Svaneti, all in all 40 mountain villages, is based in a scenic valley between Abkhazia and South Ossetia surrounded by mountains of the high of 5000 meters. Each house has his own fortress tower which once guarded against vendetta and enemies. Still they bring up the cattle to the mountain side with oxcarts and old folksy practices are performed with blood sacrifice and death cult in extended families. The Svans differ from the rest of the Georgians by their distinct consciousness of tradition, they try to keep their mediaeval culture using an own language and own cult of icons. Now a time started for the Svans, a time of change and variation, but they don’t want to take leave of the old values and traditions.

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