A Penrioners' Paradise - Sun City

Lenght: 43' HD

Year of production: 2013

Country of production: Germany

Author: Anja-Brenda Kindler

Sun City - A Pensioners' Paradise
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Sun City, Arizona is a parallel universe. Its population of 40,000 make it the biggest retirement community in the US. It is a purpose-built town for restless retirees. The average age here is 73. Those who decide to move to the town in the Arizona desert certainly do not come here to die. Rather, they come to spend their twilight years enjoyably in the company of sophisticated peers. Under the perpetually blue sky of Arizona the mostly circular roads are lined with bungalow after bungalow. The front yards are always neat, the streets are clean and quiet. A peculiar wonderworld in the midst of western civilization! Comprehensive recreation facilities including swimming pools, tennis courts, bowling alleys and pool tables keep the retirees busy. Having fun for as long as they can is the motto. One has to be at least 55 years of age to be eligible for living in the retirement community. Children under 18 may visit but cannot stay longer than 30 days a year. There are no schools or playgrounds. Some say the retirement community is the American dream’s idea of getting old carried to extremes. Or is it ultimately nothing more than a scrap heap under palm trees? The documentary presents the day-to-day life in Sun City and looks behind the scenes of a closed community which, though often seeming like a holiday overdose, cannot conceal the fact that ageing and being alone is a challenge for everyone – even under palm trees.