Dehli Rising - Five Portraits of Hopes and Dreams

Lenght: 52' HD

Year of production: 2012

Country of production: Germany

Author: Tanja Dammertz

Dehli Rising
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India’s urban centers are hubs of opportunity - each with it’s own, unique character: In Bangalore IT rules, in Mumbai the film industry has reached global proportions. But what about Delhi, India’s capital? In “Delhi Rising” five men and women who make this bustling city their home, tell the stories of their lives and with them we reveal a city of contrasts and extremes in an attempt to understand what defines Delhi’s unique character. Apart from their love for the city, Avinash, Jaggi, Nazrana, Taru und Chitwan have little in common. Nazrana is a 21-year-old seamstress in the slums of Delhi. She lives with 19 members of her family, spends her days sewing from morning until night and has a completely different life than her peer, Chitwan. This young woman has just finished her studies and is learning German at Delhi’s Goethe Institute. In yet another contrast, 33-year old video artist Avinash sees Delhi as inspiration for his renowned video-installations. Then there is Taru, 31, a musician born in Delhi, raised in the U.S. and in Germany, who wants to shake things up. His lyrics point a critical finger at India’s injustice and continued discrimination based on caste, ethnic background and religion. Jaggi, 51, on the other hand, belongs to a different generation. The wealthy Sikh businessman wants to expand his textile factory in Delhi’s industrial hub Gurgaon. Even though Avinash, Jaggi, Nazrana, Taru and Chitwan have different lives, hopes and dreams, there is one thing that unites them all: they are all determined to take advantage of any and all opportunities that come their way.